Popular Movements Against Traditional Spelling

Theories of
Sound-to-Spelling Correspondence


The 26 letter Roman alphabet has not changed very much since it was brought to England. Until today many modifications took place, the sounds of words changed or new sounds were created. Despite these facts the spelling of the language changed very little.

This is the point in which Shavian comes in. The creation of this new language adapted the written with the spoken language. It uses word constructions that correspond precisely to the spoken sounds and does suit the language.

The man who pressed ahead with the idea of a creation of such a language was George Bernard Shaw.

The following pages shall give you a short overview about the background of the creation, the language itself and references relating the topic.


Before dealing with this problem you have to download one of the following Fonts which makes the reading of the language possible:

Copy at least one of the fonts at your windows/fonts/ directory, close the Internet Browser and restart it.
If you did that you can see the following Shavian translation of Androcles and the Lion:

AndraklIz n H lFan

If not restart your computer.